Transformation Without Intimidation

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A Fitness Regimen Designed To Promote a Long, Healthy Life

It’s NOT too late!

Transformation • Without • Intimidation


Face it. We all get older. We all get a bit thicker. You have no control over time. But you do have control over how that time will be spent. If you choose to be sedentary, you will sacrifice functionality, vitality, health, and quality of life. 


This is me 5 Years Ago.

• Age 38. Father of 3.
• Constantly exhausted, groggy, and tired.
• Exhausted by failed attempts to lose weight.
• Borderline alcoholic - drinking 3-4 beers/day.
• Embarrassed, feeling unworthy and fat.
• Always holding stomach in.
• Deeply ashamed to be shirtless or naked.

5 - 4 Years.jpg

This is me now.

• Age 43. CrossFit Games Champion 2019.
• Trekked to Everest Base Camp in 2019.
• Constantly energetic, active, and ready-to-go.
• Confident socially - with or without a beer.
• Feeling worthy, whole and healthy.
• Proud of how I look. Shirtless is no problem now.
• No need to hold stomach in.
• No more heartburn or sleepless nights.
• Size 36” pants donated to charity.

The Benefits of My Top Secret Training and Nutrition are Ageless

Admittedly, making a lifestyle change can look daunting. However, my method of proving varied functional movements at shorter durations but higher intensity creates dramatic change for my clients. 


You Should NOT Work Out An Hour An Day On An Overpriced Stationary Bike! 

You Should NOT Work Out An Hour A Day On An Overpriced Stationary Bike! 

You Should NOT Work Out An Hour A Day On An Overpriced Stationary Bike! 

Intensity and nutrition are the magic pills. That’s how I went from a thick guy to a world champion. I’ll provide both for you!!

You will quickly gain flexibility and strength, develop tone muscles and loose heaps of weight. 

Many of my clients have told me they are healthier and in better shape than they have ever been.

I’ll start you off slowly to introduce you to the basic movements and help you develop your individual capability. I will provide appropriate modifications for workouts (in the gym or at home) that establish safe but incredibly efficient workouts. I’ll show you how exercising with proper form will help avoid injuries not only while working out, but in the street, at the market, on a bike, in any and all of the activities you pursue. 

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You’ll love having a world-class coach on your side.


Buck the Trends

Bust the Myths

Keep it Simple

Once you’re familiar my formula for success, you will be able to skip all of the marketing hype out there about the latest fitness or nutrition fads. My formula is scientifically proven to transform your health, increase your capacity, shed extra weight, and add years to your life.

You Got This!

Start your 6-Week Challenge today. You can do ANYTHING for 6 weeks. Best of all, it’s less than $5 per day. If you successfully complete the challenge, you can credit every dollar you’ve paid to ongoing training with me! 

This is Bob

“I've been to the gym plenty... but at 64 years old, I feel better than I have in decades and I look 10 years younger. I'm happy, strong, and able to do whatever I want to do.”

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