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Transformation • Without • Intimidation


This is me, Jason Grubb
5 years ago - at age 38.
See Picture below - the beardless guy on the left.

  • Overweight dad to two kids.

  • Constantly exhausted, groggy, and tired.

  • Exhausted by failed attempts to lose weight.

  • Borderline alcoholic - daily drinking 3-4 strong beers.

  • Consistency embarrassed, feeling unworthy and fat.

  • Regularly trying to unsuccessfully hold stomach in.

  • Deeply ashamed (for years and years) to be shirtless or naked.

If this sounds like you - read on. I was just like you.



This is me, Jason Grubb, Now.
(Age 43 - Fittest Man On Earth 2019 CrossFit Games)
See Picture above - the bearded guy on the right.

  • Healthy dad.

  • 2x CrossFit Games Qualifier (3rd Fittest in 2018, Fittest on Earth 2019)

  • Constantly energetic, active, and ready-to-go.

  • Successfully transformed with relatively little effort. No - I didn’t train for hours upon hours.

  • Confident socially - with or without a beer in my hand.

  • Consistency proud of how I look, feeling worthy, whole and healthy.

  • No need to hold stomach in any more - being shirtless is great!

  • Deeply grateful to be transformed.

  • Throwing away size 36” pants - fucking priceless.

I can help you do exactly what I did - regardless of your age, sex, or starting point.

I’ve helped hundreds of men and women transform their lives and bodies (hint - they go hand in hand).


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You’ll love having a world-class coach on your side.


I’ve been in your shoes.

I’ve felt like shit.

I’ve transformed my life.

I’ll lead you though the process step-by-step.

In-person training can cost hundreds of dollars an hour for two or three sessions per week. This adds up quickly!

Training packages with me will be a fraction of the financial cost and will be way more fucking effective. I’ve done this! I’ll help you do it too.


  • Love having me as your personal coach.

  • Enjoy access to me, my strategies, and exactly what worked for me and hundreds of others.

  • Have step-by-step instructions for everything so that you doin’t get hurt or make mistakes that I made in the past.

About Jason
2x CrossFit games athlete - former fat guy

My slide towards a thicker waistband and de-conditioned body didn’t happen overnight. It took years of drinking IPAs, eating pizza, overdosing on carbs and sugars, and paying little attention to what I put in my body.

My journey has taken me from a fat, out of shape 38 year old, to a healthy, fit, and intentionally active 43 year old (2x Crossfit Games Qualifier, 3rd fittest in the world at the 2018 CrossFit Games).

I’ve rediscovered what a healthy body feels like and I’ll show you how to do exactly what I did.


Who I work with…

  • Over 35 year old men and women who are READY for permanent change.

  • People who don’t have time to train 2 hours a day.

Ready to transform your world?


Jason consistently rocks my world. I’ve worked with coaches in the past, but his program is helping me finally create body I’ve always wanted. I look better, and more importantly, I feel and perform better.
I’ve been to the gym plenty... but at 64 years old, I feel better than I have in decades and I look 10 years younger. I’m happy, strong, and able to do whatever I want to do.
— BOB C.